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60/- Indian origin, compact organic cotton lawn material.
Suppresses fluff and double washed to give it a natural look.

This time, the product was tie-dye with a technique called "Ryusui Tatsumaki Shibori".
Ryusui tatsumaki shibori is a type of Arimatsu shibori. The name "tatsumaki shibori" comes from the dyed pattern resembling a dragon.
Folded into a bellows while removing folds, and then squeezed tightly with kite string in a spiral shape.
Each piece is hand-dyed in an iron pot by an artisan, the tie-dyed garment is then untied and dyed on top.

This is a precious piece that has been realized through the techniques of craftsmen, who maintain this traditional craft of the country.

Compact size shirt with Ryusui Tatsumaki shibori。
It features a chic design with a tie-dye pattern in the middle of the body and sleeves.