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Gauze material made of fine linen yarn with an additional twist. The linen voile is washed to give it a natural vertical crease. Garment dye finish to relax the firmness of the linen and increase its texture.
Inspired by the theme of Emotional Healing, dyeing using minerals from the power of stones.
Natural minerals are used for dyes, mordants, and fixatives.

Natural Mineral dye
c/#04 Ivory …Igusa zome (rush)
c/#50 Grey…Black bengara zome + Hybrid of reactive dyes
c/#53 Charcoal… Soil and logwood + Reactive hybrid limestone which used as dye fixing agent
Inspired by the theme of emotional healing, this crew neck shirt blouse is dyed with minerals from the power of stones. It features pas de calais staple design and uses selvedge fabric mainly on the front body.